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I-zen massage chair at home or in the office. SPA on the premises of your house or company.
I-zen massage chair in the comfort of your home. Black leather, high quality chair lasting a lifetime.
I-zen black leather massage chair creates your personal spa in the house.
I-zen massage chair for office spaces to ensure relaxation from stressful job environment.
Black leather MONISO M800 artificial intelligence massage chair by i-ZEN.Dark brown leather MONISO M800 artificial intelligence massage chair by i-ZEN
Dark brown
Full black


Your personal masseur

Your personal masseur. Fatigue? Stress at work? Heavy training? Sit comfortably in your MONISO M800, use one button to start a personalised massage: relax from neck to toe, shoulder to the finger, listen to your favourite music straight from your phone via build-in bluetooth, at the same time breath the fresh air of negative ion around you.


A real SPA in your office and home

A real SPA in your office and home. Antori is the First “Hands free” AI Voice control massage chair on the market! Precise and dedicated “3D massage hands”, 60 airbags, Foot massage, Back-waist twisting, Oxygen ionizer, Music/ eBook via bluetooth. Effectively accelerates blood circulation throughout the whole body! Enhanced relaxation in 20 mins - simulates 5 human masseurs at the same time!

Black leather ANTORI L790 artificial intelligence massage chair by i-ZEN Blue & Cream leather ANTORI L790 artificial intelligence massage chair by i-ZEN
Blue / Cream
Pomarańczowo-brązowy skórzany inteligentny fotel do masażu NOMAKU E960 marki i-ZENCiemny brązowy skórzany inteligentny fotel do masażu NOMAKU E960 marki i-ZEN
Orange / Dark brown
Gray / Dark brown


Start a completely new stage of relaxation

Start a completely new stage of relaxation. I-ZEN combined the best experience of massage with the latest information technology. It's all enclosed in NOMAKU E960. Discover the unknown feeling of lack of gravity with intense massage in 7 simulation techniques, effective leg and foot massage. Sounds incredible ...?


Training and relaxation has never been so easy! By keeping your posture steady or doing exercises while being on the vibrating Fitboard, you will be able to strengthen your balance and your core. i-ZEN Fitboard assists you to achieve maximum results of exercise.

Black fitboard vibrational training platform by i-ZEN


Comfort and Anti-fatigue, reduces black circles and swelling. Treat your tired eyes with a 15 minutes massage, see how you feel!

White Eye Massager by i-ZEN

i-ZEN Massage chair comparison

Find your perfect i-ZEN
Nomaku E960
Moniso M800
Antori L790
i-ZEN artificial intelligent massage chairs - Massage chairs comparison

Free Eye massager or Free MINI massager with your order

Grab the free gift with your order now


White Eye Massager by i-ZEN included as a gift with artificial intelligence massage chair i-ZEN ANTORI L790


White Mini roll-on Massager by i-ZEN included as a gift
i-ZEN Service
Product features

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to choose?

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2 years

1st in eu

1st in eu

Artificial Intelligent controlled massage chair! Hands-free: Voice control, Only with i-ZEN!



Zero Wall
Zero Gravity

full body

Full body massage

Massage from Neck to Toe, Shoulder to finger!

up to

Features up to

5 Intensity
10 programmes
5 speeds
60 airbags

2d/3d smart
massage hands

3D/2D Smart massage hands

Under your command!

Suits all heights
& body shapes

Suits all heights & body shapes

155cm - 195cm.
Automatic body shape scanning technology with manually adjusting if needed.

SL rail

Longest SL rail on the market

135cm - 137cm


Enhanced relaxation

Speakers play your favorite relaxing music via Bluetooth connection.

O2 Ionizer release 240,000 pcs/cm3 O2 during your massage.

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available delivery options
  • Poland
    • 1. Free Courier Delivery

      - 3-5 days delivery: i-ZEN delivery

      - 1-3 days delivery: Courier company

      * Without carry in, assemble, test. Instead i-ZEN team will be on video call service to guide you.
    • 2. I-ZEN Assemble: 295 zł *i-ZEN assemble service will be performed by our experienced specialists, including carry to the spot, assemble, adjust and test the functions, lead you to master your chair.
  • European Union3. Courier delivery with extra cost for EU clients. Please contact us info@i-zen.pl for details.
28 days satisfaction

It is always good to have extra time to get full satisfaction of your newly purchased massage chair. All I-ZEN massage chairs come with a “28 days satisfaction” policy *.
You could test all functions of your chair in your own place for 28 days. If the chair is not reaching your expectation, you can return the chair before/on the 28th day of purchasing in the original packing. You are obliged to fulfill the return form and post it in the recorded mail to I-ZEN. We will arrange the courier to you and pick it up from the entrance door of your building. Once the chair returned in 0 damage condition, you will get your money back with the deduction of 300 PLN** within 14 working days.

* This Policy does not apply to business cooperation or clients who have been issued company invoice.**300 PLN is the cost of returned courier fee.
possible to upgrade

We live in an era of rapid high-tech development. i-ZEN aims to focus on the latest and well developed technology of massage and wellbeing equipment. In order to make sure our clients always enjoy the most innovative and developed chairs at all times, i-ZEN offers an “Upgrade” program to our loyal customers.
You can contact us in 2 years of the purchase date, we will evaluate the old chair by your video and photos, then buyback* the chair on the pricing that both sides agree. The amount of the buyback will be deducted from the payment of your new chair. Additionally, you will get a “Loyal client” discount on your newest chair.

* Buyout does not include any actual payment transaction.“Upgrade” offer is limited only to the clients of i-ZEN massage chairs with a copy of i-ZEN purchase receipt. “Upgrade” does NOT apply to ONLY buy back the used products.

What clients are saying

Logo of the magiastylu.pl online store selling perfumes - Positive i-ZEN artificial intelligence products review

The massager has a very modern and elegant design. It is distinguished by its ease of use, which affects the comfort of use. When you turn on the device, real relaxation begins. A pleasant melody flows from the speakers, and the eye area begins to be massaged in different ways and under different pressure. The massager is made of high quality products, and from the inside there is a pleasant material that touches the skin. After the first use, I found it worth the price. I highly recommend!

Beata Sitarz

The armchair is perfect as a form of relaxation after a busy day both at work and in the comfort of your home. Thanks to numerous programs and intuitive operation, it is dedicated to a wide audience. It can be successfully used not only in hotels and SPA but also in relaxation zones at the workplace.

Dominik Pikuła
Physio Elite

I often have cold hands and feet. Since I have the Nomaku armchair, I make 2 programs every day before going to bed. He feels that the hands and feet warm up after the massage, circulation improves. I fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Even a basic model like Nomaku has practically everything I need for a relaxing massage. I recommend buying!



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