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10 Positive Effects Negative Ions do to Human Body

Small atoms with invaluable value for the human body!

When you read the descriptions of the massage chairs offered by i-ZEN, the words “ionizer” and “negative ions” appear again and again, and we emphasize their invaluable value and beneficial effects on the human body. 

Let’s take a closer look with the wonderful invisible particles.

How are negative ions formed?

According to chemical definitions, Negative ions (anions) are atoms with a negative electric charge. They arise due to the incorporation of one or more electrons into an atom. Negative ions affect people in a refreshing and relaxing way.

How do ions enhance our well-being?

Everyday electrical devices used at home, including computers, TV sets… create unfavorably charged particles. These positive particles float in the air that worsen our well-being, increase fatigue, headaches, and make breathing difficult. Negative ions can bind those particles including dirt, dust, viruses, bacteria, odors, dead skin particles, etc. – discharge them in a way that makes them fall into lower spaces, e.g. the floor, and thus are eliminated from the air.

Despite the fact that they have such a beneficial effect on our body, their production in natural surroundings is extremely low.

R. Tocquet’s study perfectly illustrates the content of negative ions per cubic centimeter of air:

After stormAbout 2,000 negative ions /cm3
In the mountainsAbout 1500 negative ions/cm3
In the fieldAbout 750 negative ions/cm3
In small cityAbout 250 negative ions/cm3
In a polluted cityAbout 30 negative ions/cm3
In the roomAbout 10 negative ions/cm3

In addition to the relaxation aspects, the Health Institutes that study the effects of negative ions on the human body have proven that these invisible particles:

  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Prevent colds
  • Eliminate asthma problems
  • Remove allergens from the air
  • Regulate thyroid function
  • Regulate heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduce pain
  • They improve the body’s immunity
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase life vitality

The list of positive influences of negative ions that are necessary for the body in cellular metabolism and all major vital functions does not end only with those listed above and there are more.

Given that these molecules are so little produced in the natural environment, especially in the environment around us, we encourage you to try out i-ZEN Antori and Moniso which are equipped with Negative Ionisers and release 240,000 negative ions / cm3 during a 20-minute massage programme. 

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