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Why not Massage chairs?

A few truth bombs everyone should read 💣

Healthy grocery shop – $100. Too expensive…

Dinner date – $100. Reasonable!

Supplements & vitamins for the month – $100. Can’t afford that…

Night out drinking – $100. A must every week!

Personal growth seminar – $250. This is crazy…

Gucci belt – $250. I need to have it!

Starting a business – $1000. There’s no money for that.

New Apple iPhone – $1000. I definitely need the newest model!

60 mins at the gym – There’s no time for that.

60 mins watching Netflix – Time flies, just one more!
The simple truth is that everything in life is about Priorities. And what you prioritise will dictate what your life looks like.

So, Which one is your Priority?
(   ) Medicine /Treatment for Muscle cramps, Numbness, until Arteriosclerosis (Caused by Bad blood Circulation) – 10,000zł/y + Long term Pain and discomfort every second….
(   ) i-ZEN Nomaku E960 massage chair and i-ZEN Fitboard –  10,000zł + Relaxed and Comfort every second!

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