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We live in an era of rapid high-tech development. i-ZEN aims to focus on the latest and well developed technology of massage and wellbeing equipment. In order to make sure our clients always enjoy the most innovative and developed chairs at all times, i-ZEN offers an “Upgrade” program to our loyal customers.
You can contact us after 2 years of the purchase date, we will evaluate the old chair by your video and photos, then buyback* the chair on the pricing that both sides agree. The amount of the buyback will be deducted from the payment of your new chair. Additionally, you will get a “Loyal client” discount on your newest chair.

*Buyback does not include any actual payment transaction.
“Upgrade” offer is limited only to the clients of i-ZEN massage chairs with a copy of i-ZEN purchase receipt. “Upgrade” does NOT mean ONLY buy back the used products. 

I-ZEN.pl reserves all rights and expressions of our services.

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